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Update - 2 December 2003
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New Utrecht Reformed Church

328 Years

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The sanctuary of New Utrecht Reformed Church is now closed, according to Robert Buonvino, president of Friends of Historic New Utrecht, at a meeting Tuesday.

All New Utrecht activities, including Sunday Worship, will now take place in the Parish House indefinitely as the sanctuary is restored.

30 November 2003

The sanctuary of New Utrecht Reformed Church is preparing to close either in December or January as Phase One of the church restoration effort is set to begin, according to Kenneth Hewes Barricklo, architect, as he spoke to the congregation during service on Sunday, November 30. The sanctuary will be closed indefinitely as cracked trusses are repaired and protective plastic is spread across the sanctuary pews.

Barricklo noted that the trusses are slowly failing and that one of the trusses is cracked. A series of shoring trusses, measuring 2 by 4 feet, will be placed at the aisles of the church. Five trusses will be fitted with steel plates. Plastic will be placed over the stained glass windows, the pews and the balcony. A series of 2 by 3s will be placed over the pews.

Barricklo said that the plaster ceiling wasn't as thick as it should have been when the church was constructed in 1828-29. The ceiling was ½ inch thick when it should have been at least ¾ inch thick. A series of keys supporting the plaster failed.

According to Barricklo, a protection net will be placed under the ceiling to keep pieces of falling plaster from landing on the pews. The molding will be supported with foam as it is replaced.

The sanctuary may collapse if the trusses are not repaired by winter. The cost of the repair and restoration effort is estimated to be $1.8 million.


The New Utrecht Reformed Church is a historic landmark and listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The church, established in 1677 and a member of the Reformed Church in America, is the fourth oldest church in Brooklyn. The Liberty Pole, first installed in 1783, is the sixth pole erected at the church and is the only remaining liberty pole in the U.S. Information of New Utrecht Reformed Church and its many activities may be found at http://purl.org/net/nurc or by calling 1-718-236-0678.

Contact: Vincent La Marca, Webmaster, New Utrecht Reformed Church at val11214@yahoo.com.



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