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Letter from Susan Hanyen - June 2004
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New Utrecht Reformed Church

328 Years

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The New Utrecht Reformed Church
P.O. Box 97 Brooklyn. New York 11214-0097

The Reverend Terry Troia 
Phone No.: 718-236-0678

The Friends of Historic New Utrecht, a 501c3 organization, was incorporated in 1997, with a mission to preserve what remains of the original town of New Utrecht. One important goal of the "Friends" is to educate young and old about the historical treasures that are still standing and deserving of our stewardship. This group is open to all who care to preserve and understand America's history.

The New Utrecht site is so varied. The New Utrecht Liberty Pole, first put up in 1783 after the British Evacuation of New York, stands on the churchgrounds. It is the 6th Liberty Pole to be in that location (previous ones were hit by lightning or battered by the elements). There is still a Liberty Pole Association to care for the Pole. In November of 2004, the Liberty Pole Association, in conjunction with New Utrecht Church and some elected officials, will celebrate the 221st Anniversary of the Evacuation of the British and the raising of the Liberty Pole.

In the New Utrecht Cemetery in 1911, the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) raised a monument to General Woodhull, even though he is not interred in that Cemetery. The names on the gravestones are of so many original Brooklyn families: Bennett, DeNyse, Nostrand, Lott, Van Brunt, Cortelyou, Cropsey, etc. These are the street names of Brooklyn.

Please help us to keep alive the New Utrecht story - this national treasure which is so important in educating children and adults alike. Help us be successful in our efforts to maintain the connection to early Brooklyn history and America's unique past.

Susan Hanyen
Vice President of Consistory
New Utrecht Reformed Church
P. O. Box 97
Brooklyn, NY 11214-0097

If you wish to help preserve our national treasure, please print and fill out this form.

Founded in 1677
Serving in the heart of Bensonhurst for 327 years!
Located on 18th Avenue between 83rd and 84th Street




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