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News - 12th December 2004
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New Utrecht Reformed Church

328 Years

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Please donate to the Christmas Restoration Fund
This year the sanctuary will not be decorated because of the Restoration Project. Your donations (please use the envelope provided and place in offering plate) will be given to the Christmas Restoration Fund in lieu of fresh poinsettias and evergreens. The 2005 Offering envelopes are available. We pray you will use these envelopes faithfully and donate generously. Information on the restoration effort can be found at www.newutrechtchurch.org/savenurc.

Saturday, December 18: Living Nativity
The Bensonhurst community is invited to The Living Nativity, Saturday December 18th, 3-6 PM at New Utrecht Reformed Church, located on 18th Avenue between 83rd and 84th Streets. We will need help with costumes, refreshments, greeters and actors. We need YOU at 1:30 sharp to help set up the Living Nativity! Please come and help, next Saturday the 18th, in this important witness to our community!!! For more information please call (718)236-0678 or e-mail mail@newutrechtchurch.org

Flyer for Living Nativity

Friday, December 24: Christmas Eve Worship
On Friday, December 24 at 10 PM New Utrecht Reformed Church, along with Mirral Church, will hold an English-Korean Christmas service in the Parish House. All are welcome.

Thanks to the Thanksgiving volunteers!
Michelle Paredies, coordinator of the Thanksgiving Dinner, gave a special thanks to all the volunteers at service today. She said that 18 people, including several Boy Scouts, participated and that all the volunteers enjoyed contributing or serving at the dinner on Wednesday, November 24 at Project Hospitality's two locations on Staten Island.

Advent Giving Tree
Michelle also needs your help in providing gifts to 11 homeless men living in a shelter on Staten Island. Their pictures and their clothing sizes are posted at the Parish House during service. We ask that you sponsor one of these men for Christmas. Or a couple of people can sign up as a team to sponsor their gifts. Suggested gifts: one significant gift - a sweater (cardigan or pull over), a pair of pants or a pair of shoes ($10 - $15).  And then a couple of smaller gifts (pick two of the following suggestions): a package of socks, T-shirts, gloves, wallet, toiletry set, sweat shirt ($10 in smaller gifts). Total spent for each individual: $20 - $25.  We ask that you bring the gifts along with a card to the individual on Sunday, December 19th! For more information please call (718) 448-1544, fax (718) 720-5476 or e-mail info@projecthospitality.org.
This will be their only Christmas gifts!

Advent drive for the homeless
Please see Deacon Deborah Siciargo during service on how you can help the homeless this Advent!

Study series for new believers
This week we begin an education series for new believers! Join us after church at 12:30 PM for a half hour study time.

Commissioning event postponed
The commissioning event on October 17 celebrating the Rev. Terry Troia's 10th anniversary as minister of this church has been postponed until May 2005.

Extra envelopes for the Restoration Fund
Extra envelopes will be provided for the New Utrecht Reformed Church Restoration Fund at each Sunday service. Please contribute generously. 

Ongoing food drive
Deacon Debbie Siciargo has started a ongoing Food Drive. The donations are somewhat less than expected. Please buy a little extra of nonperishable food for the needy and bring the items to the collection basket at the Parish House before service.

Pray for...
Alice Hightower;
Marion Hodgman who is seriously ill;
Rose Lood;
Fr. Jack Ryan's mother;
Anna Schroeder;
Debbie Siciargo and
the Rev. Bob Peterson, our organist, who suffers from Parkinson's Disease.

Christmas wisdom
Nearer and closer to our hearts be the Christmas sprirt, which is the spirit of active usefulness, perseverance, cheerful discharge of duty, kindness, and forbearance.

- Charles Dickens

Faith came singing
Faith came singing into my room
And other guests took flight
Grief, anxiety, fear and gloom,
Sped out into the night

- Elizabeth Cheney in
The Christian's Treasury

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